About Captomatic

We develop state-of-the-art video & photo capture systems for the entertainment industry and deliver them worldwide.

Installed Cameras
Up to
Capture Conversion Rate
1 Year
Investment payback

Meet our leadership team

Ingus Augstkalns

Experienced co-founder of tech companies

Renars Jansons

Numbers and operations master

Martins Rancans

Will find best deal for every client

Janeks Kalnins
Project delivery

Makes sure cameras are set-up on time & budget

Krists Krigers
Hardware Tech Lead

Electronics with 99% uptime and reliable heavy duty components  

Miks Mikelsons
Software Tech Lead

Capture, processing and delivery software, face-recognition and artificial intelligence

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Our products

OFF-Ride camera
OFF-ride capture system

Next-gen camera for attractions

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ON-Ride camera
ON-ride capture system

Makes memories for each visitor

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Photosnap camera controller box
Indoor capture system

Simple and versatile setup

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