The world's only on-ride camera system for roller coasters
What's unique?
Rechargeable battery runtime up to 14 hours
All content is wirelessly transferred from cameras to delivery system with no loss
Full HD videos and hi-res photos are instantly available for sharing from any device
One camera takes up to 20 hi-res photos during one ride
Video and photo shooting in low-light and at night
Branding with overlay animations, automated editing, sound effects etc.

People love to share the best moments of their lives.
With Captomatic you can provide selfie style videos in seconds after the ride.

See How It Works
Multiply the fun you are creating!
People demand digital content – over 300 million photos are uploaded on Facebook daily
Automatic delivery of on-ride digital photos and videos creates new revenue opportunities
Every view, like or share on social media is a free and effective advertisment for your roller coaster business
Custom built camera system
  • -
    8 MP high resolution photos
  • -
    Full HD videos (1080p)
  • -
    Low light & night vision
  • -
    Water and shock proof hardware
  • -
    Heavy-duty batteries or supercapacitors
  • -
    Proprietary high-speed WiFi data transmission
  • -
    Plug & play mounting for easy installation and maintenance