Next-generation attraction camera

You will get
Fully remote controlled heady duty OFF-ride camera
Content management & delivery system
Access to Content Delivery API
Compatible with Captomatic Stereo Lights & Optical Trigger
Starting from 14 000 EUR
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Tailored for every need

Roller Coasters
Zip lines
Overall parameters
- Aluminum body
- Camera weight – 5.55kg (without lens)
- 403x150mm (L x d)
- Power supply - 120W AC 230V
- Active cooling
- Front glass heating
- Stand Mount
- Wall mount
- OCH2 Off-ride camera
- Wall mount
- Stand mount
- PSU 120W AC 230V
- Ethernet cable adapter
- Sunshield
- PSU connection
- Internet
- Serial port
- 8.9MPx CMOS sensor
- 4096 × 2160px resolution
- 42 FPS
- nVidia jetson TX2 – 8GB LPDDR4 memory, Dual-Core NVIDIA Denver CPU
- Compatible with any Canon EF mount lens
- Complete lens control (aperture, focus, zoom)

Content quality

Integrated image processing

On-camera post processing allows to tweak and customize image parameters without the requirement of additional devices to deliver premium quality content.

Flexible content

Our powerful media tools deliver personalized videos and images with a simple click.

Create Your own story line with:
Multiple angles
Intro and outro
Object detection

Slow motion videos and trends

Following the trends in modern social media content - GIFs, Boomerang videos or whatever comes next! All within 1 camera.

Camera remote management system

Our hardware is configured remotely. Make changes quickly without the need to access the system directly, whenever you want.    

Our system integrates with facial recognition systems and can be configured for cloud storage or local servers.

Delivery System

Our content management system can be configuredto capture, render and deliver media through our delivery API.

Capture, render and deliver – easily!


Don’t have your own delivery system? No problem! Captomatic Cloud  Delivery system can deliver media directly to your visitors via e-mail or QR  code link.  

Either option allows media cloud storage, so you can skip the on site infrastructure and IT staff headaches and costs.

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Captomatic Stereo Lights

High performance strobe lights with over 110 000 lm of light enable studio grade light setup in the toughest environments. Perfectly synchronous light strobe for each frame, even in slow-motion. Available in three options – soft light, clear, focused.

Optical Trigger

Capturing can be triggered by an optical night vision trigger for  low-light conditions. There’s no additional hardware needed on the ride or the tracks. Also, no additional cable installation is required nor additional certification from the ride manufacturer.  
Signage screen with captured media and QR codes

Signage screens

Warm-up Your visitors before they enter the ride. Most importantly - present the photos & videos to your visitors as they finish the ride and guide them to the sales desk, or sell the picture on-site via QR code.


Personalised images for each visitor are matched via unique QR code


24/7 tech support

Continuous system status monitoring and notifications. Software updates via the Internet. Dedicated support manager.

Spare parts kit

Additional serviceable parts kit available for each device.


Return-to-base warranty for all hardware components, a replacement part is shipped immediately.

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