Automated selfie camera for each rider

You will get
ON-Board cameras for each ride row
Content management & delivery system
Content delivery API
Starting from 6000 EUR per camera
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Tailored for every need

Roller Coasters
Flat Rides
- Aluminum body
- Camera weight – 2.24kg
- 93x165x47.5mm (WxHxD)
- Custom aluminum mount for each ride
- Accelerometer
- Wireless data transfer
- Integrated microphone
- Status indicator
- Remote configuration
- Integrated LED lights
- 1080p 30 FPS camera module
- Machine vision global shutter
- Wide-angle lens
- ON-Ride camera
- PoE adapter cable
- Mount
- Power supply unit
- Wireless data transmitter and receiver

Content quality

Image processing

Captomatic API post processing allows to tweak, customize and personalize image parameters and looks for each ride or media type.

Flexible content

Our powerful media tools deliver personalized videos and images with a simple click.

Create Your own story line with:
Multiple angles
Intro and outro
Object detection

Camera remote management system

Our hardware is configured remotely. Make changes quickly without the need to access the system directly, whenever you want.

Our system integrates with facial recognition systems and can be configured for cloud storage or local servers.

Delivery System

Our content management system can be configuredto capture, render and deliver media through our delivery API.

Capture, render and deliver – easily!


Don’t have your own delivery system? No problem! Captomatic Cloud  Delivery system can deliver media directly to your visitors via e-mail or QR  code link.  

Either option allows media cloud storage, so you can skip the on site infrastructure and IT staff headaches and costs.

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24/7 tech support

Continuous system status monitoring and notifications. Software updates via the internet. Dedicated support manager.

Spare parts kit

Additional serviceable parts kit available for each device.


Return-to-base warranty for all hardware components, a replacement part is shipped immediately.

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